#5 [ performance ]


Edited by

Cristiane Bouger



52 Pages

Editora Medusa

Language: Portuguese/Spanish


Brazil, 2016

Abrigo Portátil – coleção em revista is a magazine conceived as an experimental platform for visual art works. It consists of 8 (eight) different issues on contemporary art, launched simultaneously in 2016 by Editora Medusa. The magazine is distributed in Brazil by Iluminuras.


Abrigo Portátil Editorial Staff is composed by Luana Navarro, Arthur do Carmo, Eliana Borges, and Ricardo Corona.  For the issue Performance,  Medusa invited Cristiane Bouger to be a Guest Editor.



The issue #5 presents  and editorial by Cristiane Bouger and works by Neil Harbisson, Laura Lima, Antonio Vega Macotela, Lynn Book, Guillermo Gómez-Peña + La Pocha Nostra, Paulo Nazareth Ed. / Ltda, and Tania Bruguera.

An extended version of Abrigo Portátil  # 5 [ performance ] is available online.


Along with the original content of the magazine, the online #5 brings the Manifesto of Sex, Gender and Identity Freedom, by Margie Rauen, as well as several works in media (video and audio) of each artist  featured in the printed magazine.



Edited by

Cristiane Bouger




Fundação Cultural de Curitiba


Brazil, 2004

Relâche was the online magazine of Casa Hoffmann– International Center for Movement Studies.


Relâche – Casa Hoffmann Magazine

Curitiba/Brazil, 2004.


Relâche Publishing Council:

Andrea Lerner

Beto Lanza

Cristiane Bouger

Edson Bueno

Rosane Chamecki


Relâche magazine was made possible with funds by Fundação Cultural de Curitiba – FCC and Prefeitura Municipal de Curitiba.



For Relâche, Cristiane Bouger conducted interviews with La Ribot, David Zambrano, Sarah Michelson, Michel Groisman, Roberto Pereira, Thomas Plishcke and Kattrin Deufert,  Lia Rodrigues , Leonel Brum, and Eleonora Fabião.