ACTION, 2006–2011



Displacement Pills proposes the act of leaving gifts to strangers at places designed for consumption and equipped to surveillance control. It aims the destabilization of people’s expectation about having their products stolen, and it prompts surprise to those who encounter the gifts. By the subtle delivery of gifts on the displays and shelves of places such as grocery stores, bookshops, ATM machines, and subway stations, this action can be read a poetic and political act to initiate potential narratives I cannot control and will possibly never learn about.


Through investigating the evanescence of an act and simultaneously creating displacement of the established logic of these spaces, this action creates instability: A poetry book written by Baudelaire can be left at a sex shop booth; A $10 bill can be left on an ATM machine, or a chocolate box can be left at the chocolates shelf at a supermarket. Once someone finds the package labeled as “This gift is yours” or “This artistic act now belongs to you”, a decision needs to be made: the gift can be thrown into the garbage, rejected, ignored or even accepted. Any of these reactions will provide a response to the work and complement its interactive purpose.


All the gifts visibly contain the receipt of its purchase to allow the participants to take it without any embarrassment. All the occurrences derived from this action will lie veiled behind me, suggesting a complete dissolution of any control or spectacular outcome.


Concept and performance by Cristiane Bouger

Photography and Video Documentation by Carmen Cotofana and Irina Stelea (Bucharest, 2011), Flemming Fynsk (New York, 2009), and Michelle Moura and Stéphany Mattanó (Curitiba, 2006).



Displacement Pills photographic documentation was shown in the exhibition The Nudity Is Not Malicious – Video Performance, Photography and Documentation, as part of Bushwick Open Studios, June 5–7.



Towards the Gaze and the Meaning – Works by Cristiane Bouger, presented by the Centrul Național al Dansului București – CNDB. May 2011.


Couve-Flor Tronco e Membros, 2007.

Displacement Pills was activated for the documentary Portrait, by Flemming Fynsk and Lotta Petronella. July, 2009.



Project Couve-Flor Tronco e Membros, August–September 2006.


In Bucharest, the activation of Displacement Pills — Este Regalo Es Tuyo, as part of Towards the Gaze and the Meaning – Works by Cristiane Bouger, was funded, in part, by the Romanian Cultural Institute New York, and the Centrul Național al Dansului București – CNDB.


Displacement Pills — Este Regalo Es Tuyo was funded, in part, with the support of Klauss Vianna Dance Award — FUNARTE 2006, of which the collective Couve-Flor was the recipient with the project Couve-Flor Tronco e Membros.