In UNBEER SONATA – Study Nº2 I repeatedly broke full beer bottles by let them fall against the floor. The action created a noise composition with a length of 70 minutes, during which more than 250 bottles were shattered.


The combative impulse that sustained UNBEER SONATA was set as a response to the objectification of the female body extensively promoted and exhaustively reiterated by the beer advertising campaigns in Brazil. While the persistence of the action aims to revert the symbolic violence of the TV-spots I criticize, the sonata imprints itself through the continuous alteration of the topography of the space, generating a hazardous environment with glass shards and liquid. The high heels enhance the risk of falling, requiring absolute balance and an attuned state of presence. In UNBEER SONATA the body must overcome the topography that this very body under risk creates.


The performance score proposes layers of sensorial and tangible experiences to be lived by the viewer/participant. The first connection the work establishes with the viewer is contained in a written note, in which I state the performance involves calculated risk, and that it entails the responsibility of the participants by being diligent in the use of the protective eyewear they received, as well as by respecting the perimeter of the performative space. During all the extent of the work I wore safety glasses that were identical to those distributed to the viewers. Although primarily functional, the use of the protective eyewear also served as a common denominator connecting myself to the observers.


As the topography of the space is altered, the smell of beer on the floor intensifies. The visual, audible, olfactory, and tangible inputs were constantly updated in UNBEER SONATA. The palate is the only sense I disregarded in the experience offered to the participants. Despite of the communion not being carried through drinking and celebration, I perceive that a state of unity with the viewers was achieved because of the constant tension the action triggered. During the entire action the space was charged with such tension, sustaining my integral attention and control.



Performance by Cristiane Bouger

Executive Production by Cândida Monte and Well Guitti/La Bamba

Light Design by Victor Sabbag

Sound Design by Jo Mistinguett

Sound Tech by Fábio Antunes / Frame 22

Graphic Design by Larissa Brandão

Photography by Alessandra Haro




2017 Guairacá Cultural, February 23rd.


This performance was made possible through the project 20MINUTOS.MOV. The work was presented and produced by Cândida Monte and Wellington Guitti/20MINUTOS.MOV, with the support of Rumos Itaú Cultural.